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Yuxin Ma

PhD Student, Johns Hopkins University

Hi! I am a PhD student at the Deparment of Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Johns Hopkins University, where I am fortunate to be advised by Professor Soledad Villar. My research interests lie at the intersection of mathematics and deep learning. I am exploring how to incorporate mathematical ideas into the design of new deep learning algorithms, while also investigating how deep learning can aid in solving challenging mathematical problems. Currently, my focus is on Graph Neural Networks and Equivariant Neural Networks.

Previously, I completed an MMath and BA Hons degree in Mathematics at University of Cambridge. During my master’s studies, I focused on Statistics and completed an essay on Topological Data Analysis.

While this website is currently very empty, I am planning to gradually build it up during my PhD years. Stay tuned!

News #

Aug 2023I have moved to Baltimore, US and started my PhD at JHU!
June 2023Finished Part III Mathematics at Cambridge with distinction.